Hose Sleeve used in Concrete Leveling

How concrete raisers are using the Sidewinder SPF sleeve for hose protection. As summer quickly approaches, the everlasting sunshine and heat means contractors are back to work for what we hope will be a busy and prosperous season ahead. Late last week I visited a customer in Minnetonka, MN for a check-in on a Sidewinder SPF sleeve that was purchased about a year ago. Similar to the spray foam industry; concrete raising involves heavy hoses, expensive equipment, the use of A/B material, a trailer rig, and the many headaches of putting it all together to make a flawless finished job[…]

Buyers Guide for Tubular Hose Sleeves

Hydraulic hose tubular hose sleeves will complete any assembly or mobile machine. With options for operator protection, heat resistance, and burst protection; one can chose the right hose sleeve to accommodate any hydraulic application. Python Protective Sleeve + Covers carries a line of tubular sleeves that cover the spectrum of desired needs. Pin Hole, Burst Protection, Abrasion Protection & Ease of Installation The best all-purpose sleeve for operator protection, burst protection, abrasion resistance and ease of installation is the Diamondback Tubular Sleeve. Python’s engineers designed this sleeve to provide protection to both the equipment and operator alike. With it’s proprietary[…]

Are You Buying the Right Protective Hose Wrap?

Protective hose wraps in the fluid power industry come as unique as the applications they cover. From heavy abrasion, to chemical resistance, Python Protective Sleeves & Covers has engineered a sleeve for every type of application in the agriculture, construction, defense, manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation and utilities industries. Read on to learn more about how to select the wrap that’s right for you. Hose Wraps for Heat & Fire Protection The Teflon Coated Fiberglass Glass Sleeve is a high-performance, flexible material that provides protection to componentry in high ambient temperature environments up to 600°F. A PTFE coating protects the[…]

How to Extend the Life of Hoses, Pipes, and Wires

When an application requires extra protection, hose wraps and sleeves are the solution for both pre- and post-assembly. Failure to protect an application can result in premature wear and lead to expensive repairs, collateral damage or injury to persons nearby. Avoid the headache caused from these accidents by learning how to protect and extend the life of hoses, pipes, and wires. Pre-Assembly Hose Sleeves Installing tubular sleeves on hoses and wires before beginning an assembly works great for pin hole and burst protection, operator protection, mobile equipment, heat applications, and engine bays. Tubular sleeves are tightly woven to maximize durability[…]