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How to Prevent Hydraulic Hose Failure on Wet Kits

For owners, operators, and contractors, dealing with on-site equipment failures not only means costly repairs but also added downtime and less profit. And when it comes to heavy-duty hydraulic hose assemblies, failure in the lines is inevitable without proper maintenance and preventative care. Hydraulic hose assemblies that are exposed to regular cycles of heavy friction need to be closely monitored for abrasion damage to prevent equipment failure and protect the safety of your workers. What is a Wet Kit? A Wet Kit, also known as a wet line kit, is a hydraulic system that consists of hydraulic hoses and fittings,[…]

How to Extend the Life of Hoses, Pipes, and Wires

When an application requires extra protection, hose wraps and sleeves are the solution for both pre- and post-assembly. Failure to protect an application can result in premature wear and lead to expensive repairs, collateral damage or injury to persons nearby. Avoid the headache caused from these accidents by learning how to protect and extend the life of hoses, pipes, and wires. Pre-Assembly Hose Sleeves Installing tubular sleeves on hoses and wires before beginning an assembly works great for pin hole and burst protection, operator protection, mobile equipment, heat applications, and engine bays. Tubular sleeves are tightly woven to maximize durability[…]