Buyers Guide for Tubular Hose Sleeves

Hydraulic hose tubular hose sleeves will complete any assembly or mobile machine. With options for operator protection, heat resistance, and burst protection; one can chose the right hose sleeve to accommodate any hydraulic application. Python Protective Sleeve + Covers carries a line of tubular sleeves that cover the spectrum of desired needs.

Pin Hole, Burst Protection, Abrasion Protection & Ease of Installation

The best all-purpose sleeve for operator protection, burst protection, abrasion resistance and ease of installation is the Diamondback Tubular Sleeve. Python’s engineers designed this sleeve to provide protection to both the equipment and operator alike. With it’s proprietary tight weave and heat-treated material, the sleeve shrinks to the applications dimension for a smooth look and performance. Upgrade to the PRO version for an 80% faster install time. How? Click here to request a demo sleeve.

Watch: The Diamondback PRO Assembly Test

Heat Protection

For constant direct flame exposure or similar environments, turn to the toughest sleeve in the line-up. The heat resistant Fire Sleeve is made for the harshest heat and fire environments. Constructed from a high bulk fiber that is woven to produce a hallow sleeve and then coated with a thick covering of iron oxide red silicone rubber, it can withstand repeated touch exposures to molten steel, aluminum and glass up to 3000°F.

In addition to protecting hoses, cables and pipes, Fire Sleeve can protect people from incurring scorching burn injuries. The silicon coating allows the sleeve to remain extremely flexible and moisture resistant in tight radius’s and outdoor environments. Not enough? Contact us for custom heat protection covers.

Therma Sleeve HD is extremely high temperature resistant for ambient heat and intermittent exposure. Most commonly found in engine manifolds and exhaust systems, Therma Sleeve HD is braided from fiberglass yarns and saturated with resins that improve stability and minimize dusting. When compared to Fire Sleeve, Therma Sleeve HD is more flexible and retains heat of up to 1200°F.

Common applications are locomotive hoses, drill rigs, race cars and environments where multi terrain equipment is used.

Light Abrasion & Momentary Touch Heat Protection

For a more inexpensive solution tailed for low voltage applications, Therma Sleeve SD is the ideal choice. The sleeve is suited for momentary heat of up to 1200°F and can be found on applications such as toasters, coffee makers, small heaters, ranges and soldered connections when solder melt is possible. Similar to Therma Sleeve HD, this sleeve is also heat treated with an acrylic binder to reduce fraying and dusting without impacting performance.

What’s the difference between Therma Sleeve HD and Therma Sleeve SD? “HD” stands for “Heavy Duty”; this sleeve has more abrasion resistant qualities and is better suited for consistently hot ambient temperatures, like an engine bay. Therma Sleeve SD (Standard Duty) is not recommended for an abrasive application but performs optimally in momentary touch heat applications.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our Buyers Guide for Hydraulic Hose Wraps for additional protection options or contact us for a custom solution.