How to Prevent Hydraulic Hose Failure on Wet Kits

Hydraulic hose assemblies that are exposed to regular cycles of heavy friction need to be closely monitored for abrasion damage to prevent equipment failure and protect the safety of your workers. Many contractors and operators have to deal with these equipment failures, among many other nuances that may occur while at a job site. What is a Wet Kit?A Wet kit, also known as a wet line kit, is a hydraulic system that consists of hydraulic hoses and fittings, reservoirs, filters, control valves, pumps, and a Power Take Off (PTO). Wet kits are put onto heavy-duty trucks or semi-trucks that[…]

Hose Protection: Spiral Guard or Wrap Sleeve?

There are several different products on the market designed to help eliminate hose damage from contact with the environment or application. The question is; which one is best for your application? Almost all hose & hydraulics protection products have the same goal, but approach it differently. What tends to happen, is that whatever the product choice is for a specific need, it tends to be used for all requirements for hose protection. It’s an efficient approach for materials management, but quite often a less than satisfactory solution for the application. Spiral Guard is a product that enjoys a wide use[…]

Prevent Hydraulic Hose Failure Injuries with this Simple Product

One of the most dangerous situations for hydraulic equipment is a hose burst. A hose burst could be a pinhole leak or a full hose burst, in either situation, the operator is in very high danger. Not only is the operator at risk for injury, but so is the equipment. Hose failures can be regulated with maintenance checks, but that doesn’t guarantee a hose assembly won’t fail. Investing in the right products can protect equipment, lower costs, and ensure operator safety. How do hoses fail? Hydraulic hoses fail for a number of reasons, most involving working conditions. Being aware of[…]

Hose Sleeve used in Concrete Leveling

How concrete raisers are using the Sidewinder SPF sleeve for hose protection. As summer quickly approaches, the everlasting sunshine and heat means contractors are back to work for what we hope will be a busy and prosperous season ahead. Late last week I visited a customer in Minnetonka, MN for a check-in on a Sidewinder SPF sleeve that was purchased about a year ago. Similar to the spray foam industry; concrete raising involves heavy hoses, expensive equipment, the use of A/B material, a trailer rig, and the many headaches of putting it all together to make a flawless finished job[…]